Photo: M.W.
Another view of El Morado. To the right two ice runnels show up that have been reported to form in winter until early summer. One route has been put up already, but we do not have the details about.
The shortest access to glaciated mountains makes this national reserve the destination of many people on weekend. At the end of the valley there are three mountains: Cerro San Francisco (4500m) to the left, El Mirador del Morado (3700m) in front of the latter and El Morado with its two summits (4400m and 4700m). The bases of all are reached in 3-5h from Baños Morales. With the exception of El Mirador the routes are technically interesting and the rock is not too bad. There is no easy way up and there are huge crevasses! The place can be reached during most of the year. Good for randonnee as well. See also Cerro San Francisco.
Panorama de Diego
Panorama of Diego Vergara seen from Refugio Alemán, click on image to enlarge.


El Morado, Mesón Alto, Arenas, photo M.Waldhoer Overview of the mountains in the Cajón Morado valley: From left to right: El Morado with its two summits, Cerro Mesón Alto and Cerro Arenas.
El Morado, foto: M.W.
El Morado from the base camp.